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Item Payments

Posted: Sat Jan 09, 2010 4:38 pm
At the moment, Enuuk does not track payment and mark whether items have been paid, shipped etc... This is frustrating for purchasers as when they view an item which they have already agreed to purchase, they get a reminder to pay for this item, even though they have already done so.

The other frustration is the inability to link multiple purchases together so that a seller can send one invoice to cover multiple options.

Any suggestions on how this should work?

Re: Item Payments

Posted: Fri Jan 22, 2010 10:59 am
We are currently working on this - at the moment we have managed to get a list of statuses shown against sold items (invoice requested, item paid, item shipped, feedback left, feedback received).

We are adding controls to mark an item as paid / mark it as paid.
Feedback status is already taken from the feedback table in the database.

We just need some thought about how to send invoices / track payments etc automatically...

Re: Item Payments

Posted: Sat Jan 23, 2010 5:07 pm
Controls are now added to mark item as paid / sent

We have also added the ability to leave feedback on that specific item.

This is turning into a large mod unfortunately!

Re: Item Payments

Posted: Sat Jan 30, 2010 10:21 am
Well it is almost completed now - you can now send and pay invoices for multiple items, amending the

Still more work to be done - plenty of features will be incorporated in this module, I just wish that PHPAuction would agree to purchase the code to incorporate into the main release, rather than waiting for them to develop this all from scratch in 6+ months time!

Features to be added:
- Send emails when invoice requested by purchaser / invoice sent by seller - DONE
- Link back from Google Checkout / PayPal to update status automatically if an item has been paid for
- Warn the seller when listing items if they have checked PayPal / Google as payment options and not set them up in their profile!
- Correct the output of prices on the site and in emails so that the price is shown as 10.50 GBP rather than just 10.5 GBP or 10.5 - DONE
- In the user profile, the number of sold items should appear in brackets against the link - query here - should this be the total number of items sold which are still listed in the items sold page, OR the number of items sold, but not paid for?
- Correct bug when view sold items (Quantity : 1), (Quantity: 2) against LOT auctions is not currently the quantity sold to that purchaser, but the count of those items sold in total! - DONE
- Add more payment option buttons - Nochex / Moneybookers / - any others?
- When buying lot auctions, the total payable should be shown and calculated as you amend the number of items you wish to purchase together. - DONE

Re: Item Payments

Posted: Fri Feb 12, 2010 5:46 pm
Part way through the development of this module - we have the following enhancements

1) Pageination added to sold Items/active auctions
2) View Sold Items
- You can now send an invoice to cover the sale of several items to the same purchaser, and amend the overall postage cost
- You can view any invoice sent, or the order from a purchaser to check details
- You can mark items as paid and sent
- You can see the items where you have left feedback or received feedback, and then leave feedback for that item easily
- You can easily send a message to the purchaser about an item they have purchased
- The filter to allow you to see items sold to a specific user is now alphabetical
- You can remove items from this list (for example when there is nothing else to do)
3) View Items you have Won
- You can now request an invoice for the items you have won and not yet paid for
- You can see whether an item has been paid for (currently up to the seller to mark it as such), or whether it has been sent
- You can see the items where you have left feedback or received feedback, and then leave feedback for that item easily
- You can remove items from this list (for example when there is nothing else to do)
- You can easily send a message to the seller about an item you have purchased
- You can remove items from this list (for example when there is nothing else to do)
4) View closed auctions
- This now informs you if each item was sold or unsold.
- In the case of lot auctions, you can see how many items were sold (eg 2/10 sold)
5) View active auctions
- In the case of lot auctions, you can see how many items are still active (eg 8/10 remaining)
6) Shipping
- You can now set each country into one of several postal regions for international postage (EEC, Europe, Americas, Rest of the World)
- Shipping rates are now entered by the seller when listing an item for domestic postage and each postal region.
- A purchaser from outside your country is no longer allowed to bid on items which are not for international shipping
- For lot auctions, the seller can specify (per postal region) the cost of sending additional items over and above the first one.
7) Currency values are now shown with all zeros (eg 3.5GBP now appears as 3.50 GBP)
8) If a purchaser bids on an item which has a reserve price - an email is sent to warn them that their bid is below the reserve
The bid is then increased to their maximum bid value.
9) If a purchaser buys a fixed price or lot item, they are taken to a screen inviting them to make payment directly with payment buttons.
10) If a purchaser buys a lot auction, the total cost is now shown dependent on how many of that item they wish to purchase.

Re: Item Payments

Posted: Thu Apr 01, 2010 11:06 am
This is turning out to be a much larger module than we ever imagined....

We need to start a campaign for this to be incorporated into the main release...

Latest changes are:
11) Email sent to vender at end of a Lot Auction lists each individual purchaser (corrected bug), the quantity purchased and their order value.
12) Pageination added to wonAuctions
13) You can now filter wonAuctions by the seller's ID
14) On sold Items - you can now select several items at same time to remove them from the list - what other options? Relist?
15) Enhanced PayPal checkout for items - LOTS are shown by quantity of items, item number is detailed and you also can add a note.
The system also tracks the payment and sets the item as paid if this is done.
16) Your highest bid is now shown on the offer details page and you are invited to increase this, rather than to make another bid which could be lower.
17) Emails are sent to the buyer when an item is marked as shipped
18) Seller can now see the reserve price when they view an auction details
19) Auctions cannot be edited once they have finished - seller can only relist the auction (if no bids received) or copy as new draft.
This ensures relisting fees are always applied.
20) Buy It Now option goes away once a bid above any reserve price has been placed on an item.

Re: Item Payments

Posted: Mon May 17, 2010 9:47 am
We have now released this module for sale - see: