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Is there a feature that you would like to see added to Enuuk Auction Platform?
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Item Reviews

Post by RWAP » Mon Sep 05, 2011 8:47 am

Something I have been considering as a nice to have feature, which would help set Enuuk aside from other auction sites, is the ability to add user reviews of items for sale...

When an item has been purchased by a user, the user would be invited to leave a review of the item (as well as seller feedback).
For LOT auctions, it would be fairly easy to show that product review against the current listing.

However, I am not too sure how to add reviews to other types of auctions - as obviously the auction title will probably not be the same.

Potentially, the seller could search through existing reviews to select the previous reviews for the item they are selling.

What do other people think - how should this work to make it as user friendly as possible?

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