Challenges and concerns with Enuuk / PHPauction

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Challenges and concerns with Enuuk / PHPauction

Post by dhollings » Sun Oct 31, 2010 7:58 pm

It's unfortunate that I must introduce myself in this manner, but trying to communicate with the PHPauction / Enuuk software company has been extremely frustrating, if not impossible. I purchased the non-obviscated version 4 days ago, the monies have cleared and to date... no delivery of the product. Instead, I got access to an empty account area.

After submitting numerous tickets to the Enuuk helpdesk, finally on day two I get a cryptic message from support that there is a glitch and the solution is I must email a person named Debasish Banerjee. In other words, the helpdesk cannot help, nor are they willing to contact Debasish Banerjee themselves... weird.

I email Debasish Banerjee, numerous times plus I email their general email address. The result is "Out of Office" notifications saying that I should use the helpdesk. No one will be in office until Nov 3rd? Wonderful, right?

Finally, I get a message from Debasish Banerjee (after posting a complaint on their blog):
Hello Dan,
We have received your payment and we will soon provide you the download link for the product you have purchased.
We are sorry that it is taking time due to some technical problem with Paypal updates.
Debasish Banerjee
I contact Paypal and they indicate moneys were transferred immediately upon purchase (Go figure).

Next I wait. Day 3, Day 4.... guess what? No download link, no software, nothing further from Debasish Banerjee. Yes I emailed again, I posted more helpdesk tickets... but nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Long story short... their software seems good, but I'm getting very frustrated. This forum seems to be the only hope left.

I have a couple of questions.
1) Do you have any communications with the Enuuk people? Do they answer your inquiries?
2) Is the software really good or have you been disappointed?
3) Can you help in any way?

Any feedback or insight you might share would be MUCH APPRECIATED.


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Re: Challenges and concerns with Enuuk / PHPauction

Post by RWAP » Mon Nov 01, 2010 7:59 am

Hi Dan,

We have generally found that the team behind Enuuk are very helpful - as I understand it, Debasish Banerjee would probably have to be contacted to resolve the download link as the owner of phpAuction - they would be the only person with access to the PayPal account to ensure payment has been received. The support ticket team are made up of a few programmers around the world who are behind Enuuk and therefore would not be able to verify your payment without speaking with Debasish (although you are right in that they should have explained this to you and emailed Debasish on your behalf).

I can try to help :-) - see pm sent

As for the quality of the software - I have personally found it to be well written and well maintained, with generally good timely responses on their ticket support system. The only downside can be that for minor niggles they will generally incorporate a fix in the next release version (typically once a month), although for real bugs, they will notfiy you of the changes needed and make them for you if you desire.

The software does work out of the tin, but as you will see from reading this forum - I have made quite a few suggested improvements to it which you may, or may not wish to implement.

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