v3.4 of Enuuk Released

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v3.4 of Enuuk Released

Post by RWAP » Wed Feb 05, 2014 8:00 pm

Glad to see a few of my own bugs and niggles seem to have been addressed in the latest v3.4 release of Enuuk.

Direct from the Enuuk website:

New features
#610 Japanese
#612 Precise timming accuracy
#595 Editable favicon

#611 Improvements to superfluid template
#593 Follow PHP PSR-2 coding standard
#565 Mails improvements
#585 Hack filter improvement
#586 Input filter improvement

#625 Footer with more bottom air
#594 Corrected layout in user's profile (Bulk link)
#574 Correct error while going to sell without login in first
#616 Checked user profile with wrong params
#592 Better image filename filter
#591 Better no-image.jpg
#624 Optimizations in Module
#622 Javascript bug in shipping costs in offerForm
#621 Correct offerStatus in Lot case
#617 Upgrader bug without pennyAuctions (marketLink case)
#615 Timezone warning with logged user
#603 Google unreachable verification
#602 Paths in module's templates
#561 Change the example URL of Youtube video
#583 Correct CSS background url with quotation
#576 Pages should show no error if there is no auction
#590 Countdown's seconds jump down on IE
#554 Javascript date formater fix
#613 PHP5.4 problem with Facebook button
#563 Better htaccess, based on customer's experience

It is good to see that they have addressed the timing issue - I found that if you opened the same listing in more than one tab, you could spot a difference in the countdown timer.

One of the main problems for anyone adapting their own code is that they have decided to adopt the latest PHP standards - PHP PSR-2. One of the new standards is that indentation should be 4 spaces, rather than a TAB mark. Unfortunately, this means that file comparison tools will probably see changes on most lines in the code.

I have emailed Enuuk to see if they used an automated tool to do the conversion and if so, what settings they used (as they have had to ignore some PSR-2 standards so that the code will still run on PHP 5.2 ).

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