v3.2 of Enuuk Released

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v3.2 of Enuuk Released

Post by RWAP » Wed May 22, 2013 6:40 pm

I see that v3.2 of Enuuk has now been released.

This includes a Group Sale type (similar to groupon) - where you have say, 500 of an item at a special price, but will only sell at that price if at least 200 sell.

Other features (see http://enuuk.com/release-3.2 )
New features
#534 Group sale
#546 Option to deactivate feedback

#553 Integrate modules
#556 Update translations
#560 Improve installation maker
#571 Adapt code for PHP 5.4

#501 Verify the proper use of the function mb_substr()
#527 Logos for gateways modules
#545 Error in facebook app
#548 Fix translations in module's code
#550 Fix offer count in all categories page
#552 License agreement file
#555 Corrected filtered user list in back-end
#557 Bug in javascript after a bid is made, Penny case
#564 Voucher duplicates are now correctly detected
#567 Allow to edit users with non-latin chars in userId
#570 Check mbstring PHP module during installation
#572 Gmaps and youtube inserts with SSL on all pages
#575 Show shipping in Basic Auction

Some of these errors have already been reported on these forums - it is always interesting to see if the Enuuk programming team adopt the same approach to resolving them !

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