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Cookie directive

Post by bamse » Sat Mar 30, 2013 10:27 pm

Just looking for a personal view on how compliant phpauction's cookies are with the European "cookie directive": ... 58:EN:HTML

According to attacat ( for things like the google analytics cookies, a warning message with opt-out option is required, but not for things like language or session cookie.

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Re: Cookie directive

Post by RWAP » Sun Mar 31, 2013 8:39 am

It is difficult - the main problem with the cookie directive is that it is annoying for users to see this pop up on all sites that they visit.

Even worse is that some sites don't manage to store a cookie to say you accept the cookie directive, and then the warning continues to appear on every page!! Of course, if you refuse the cookie, the site will not work, so then you're stuck anyway.

Don't forget that the cookies on your site do various things:
a) Tracking for advertising - normally 3rd party cookies added by affiliate programs for example.
b) Google Analytics and Google Adsense if you use that
c) Keeping a user logged in
d) A short cookie to redirect you to the correct page when you log in (this is excluded from the EU directive)

In the case of Enuuk based platforms, my approach is to make the use of cookies on the site clear in the privacy statement and also stating in the terms and conditions that by creating an account and continuing to use the site, the user is accepting the use of cookies on the website in accordance with the privacy statement.

The user has to click when registering to say that they agree to the terms and conditions, so I believe that addresses the EU requirements.

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