Phpauction and SEO

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Phpauction and SEO

Post by bamse » Fri Jul 05, 2013 10:59 pm

I am just starting to learn about SEO with regard to phpauction and just wanted to share what I think could be improved. Not sure all is correct or all are really relevant. Looking forward to any comments/suggestions/additions:

1. Offer detail pages can be accessed through multiple URL: e.g. offer/details/MyItem-123 and offer/details/123. Default language homepage can be accessed by just the domainname or by domainnam + 'lang=...'. All this leads to what google calls "duplicate content" which is very much not good as far as I understand. Needs canonicalization.

2. There is the same meta description on all pages, which google suggests is not good (but perhaps not such a big deal!?).

3. If running a multi-language site, I think google will have a hard time to index anything but the default language, because googlebot does not recognize cookies (so does not know about the language cookie). If I am not mistaken, the only non-default language page that can be spidered would be the home page. Perhaps this could be fixed by a) supplying a sitemap.xml with the respective foreign language URL (ending in lang=...) or b) changing the code such that clicking on the language links brings one to the same page in another language and not back to the home page as is currently the case. or c) changing URL in links to include the "lang=..." part of the currently set lang-cookie.

4. Default phpauction comes without robots.txt file

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Re: Phpauction and SEO

Post by RWAP » Sat Jul 06, 2013 6:43 am

I concur with your findings - that is why I created the SEO Module

Actually there should be no references to /offer/details/ID which are accessible to a non-registered user - these are just used to access offers easily from within things like sold items, draft offers etc.

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