Simple Payment Module

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Simple Payment Module

Post by RWAP » Fri Jan 08, 2010 8:35 am

One thing we found confusing with the Enuuk auction platform is that having purchased fixed price items, you have to go to My Profile and Auctions You have Won in order to actually pay for an item.

We have created this module which adds an extra page once you confirm that you wish to purchase a fixed price item (or part of a lot auction), confirming the item you have purchased and providing you with PayPal and Google Checkout buttons to enable you to pay for the item (provided the seller has activated these options).

There are a couple of additional issues which have come to light as a result and we are looking into fixing:
1) Notifying the seller when they list an item, if they still need to set up PayPal and Google Checkout from within their Profile page.
2) There is no ability for the seller to send an invoice to a purchaser as a reminder.

Keep your eye on this webpage as we work to resolve these issues also

Cost £50
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