Enhance Webstores

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Enhance Webstores

Post by RWAP » Fri Jan 08, 2010 8:29 am

We came across various suggestions to enhance the use of Webstores across the Enuuk Auction Platform.

When you browse categories of auction items in the Enuuk auction platform, it currently lists all items which are listed within webstores and fall within that category at the bottom of the page. This can lead to a long list of items if you are not careful.

We have changed the whole focus of this:
  • When viewing a category, instead of a list of items to be found in webstores at the bottom of the category listing page, you now see a list of webstores which have items in that category, with the total number of items. Click on the webstore to find details of the items on offer.
  • Webstores are actually linked directly to a category - this enables the webstore to be listed when browsing the category, even if it has no items for sale!
  • When you click on a webstore link, it automatically lists only the webstore's offers within that category (previously it went back to All Categories)
  • Previously, if none of the webstores have any items listed within them, then the webstores tab disappears from the auction website. We found a need to have this always present - particularly as search engines could take users to a section of the website which could not be reached by any other means.
  • Optionally, you can now earn income from your website through the addition of an eBay webstore which has a definable keyword for each category which is then used to populate the eBay webstore - this allows visitors to your website to check for similar items and compare costs on eBay, and if you are signed up to the eBay Affiliate Network, you can earn commission if they click through to eBay and purchase any items.
  • A further option is to allow two types of webstores, such as we offer on SellMyRetro.com - a free webstore, where the webstore owners pay normal fees on the site, or a monthly subscription webstore, where for £5 per month, the webstore owner gets a 50% discount on all fees (these figures can of course be adopted for your own site).
  • The webstores can have a user definable number of items shown in a pageinated list and the listings also include a picture of the item.

Cost £100 (Enhanced Webstore Module)
Cost £100 (eBay Webstore Module)
Cost £50 (Two webstore types support - chargeable and free)
Available from: http://www.rwapservices.co.uk/enuuk_modules.html

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